About Us

P.T. Bella Bokor Emas , We are TrustHonestyIntegrity

About BBE Services.

Miss Karsini formed “ Karsini Visa Services ” in 2003, with a focus on serving the ex-pat community and helping them to navigate the Indonesian visa system. Karsini Services built a stellar reputation by providing expatriates in Bali with  clear information about the processes involved to meet the strict Indonesian visa laws.

Who We Are

Miss Karsini was driven to bring clarity to the expat community which was underserviced and often confused due to being given conflicting, and frequently, incorrect advice and information.

Karsini Services restructured in 2020 to become a PT company under the name Bella Bokor Emas and today our reputation and work ethic remains the same,  built on trust and honesty. BBE continues building a client base that can feel comfortable  and confident that they are dealing with a friendly professional who is committed to the highest levels of integrity. BBE prides itself on providing the best possible, cost effective solutions for our clients’ needs.

BBE provides the following services :

  • Visa & immigration
  • UK pension services
  • Property management Real estate investment
  • Real estate purchases and sales Licensing
  • Business consultancy Company formation Weddings Employment
  • Child care
  • Marriage & divorce advice
  • Due diligence and background checks