Social / Cultural VISA

The purpose of this visa is to visit friends or relations living in Indonesia for a social, cultural or educational exchange.

Please note, with this type of visa you are not allowed to engage in any business activities or take up any type of employment.  Sponsorship is required by an Indonesian citizen and you will need the following documents :

Documents your sponsor needs to supply :

Sponsorship letter

Copy of sponsors identity card (KTP) whose residence is in Indonesia

Copy of sponsor family register

Copy of sponsor bank account statements


Documents you need to supply :

Copy of your passport

Two passport sized photographs (4 x 6 )

Processing Procedure :

If you apply for a social visa in an Indonesian Embassy in another country your documents will be processed in Jakarta, this process can take up to 4 days before a decision is made and the visa is granted.

If your application is approved you will usually receive an e-visa directly to your given e- mail address (depending on the embassy / consulate where the visa is applied for).

After you have received your social visa, you should travel to Indonesia as soon as possible.

You will receive an initial 60 day free visit. After 60 days, you may apply for monthly extensions (up to 4 extensions) at the local immigration office. The maximum time allowable in total is 6 months.