Working VISA (KITAS)

For foreigners who want to stay and work in Bali, Indonesia

You will need a sponsorship / work contract from an Indonesian based company to support your application.

The company sponsoring you will need to supply the following documents to process your KITAS application:

Copy of the company ACTA (Indonesian company incorporation document)

Copy of the company locality letter

Copy of the company tax number (NPWP)

Copy of the company business license letter (SIUP)

Company organisational structure

Copy of the employment contract relating to the individual applying for the KITAS

Copy of the company director’s identity card

Copy of the report to the labor department adapted by regulation no. 17, 1981

Copy of the identity card of an Indonesian work colleague and 2 passport photos (sized 4 x 6).

15 company letter heads, signed by the company director, and sealed with the company stamp

Documents you need to supply :

Copy of your latest university certificate

Copy of your passport

Curriculum vitae and references

6 passport sized photographs with red backgrounds (sized 3 x 4)

If you plan to include your family in the KITAS process you will need the following additional documentation:

Copy of your spouse and children(s) passports

Copy of your marriage certificate

Copy of your children(s) birth certificates

4 Passport sized photographs of each family member (sized 3 x 4)

Copy of the family register

Note :

  1. All above requirement must be copied in colour or supplied in colour as an original document.
  2. Non-English documents must be translated into English versions.